Working and living in the Middle East

The Middle East is a fast paced and constantly challenging working  environment for professionals who wish to take their careers to then next  level.  Often attracted by the tax free salaries and additional benefits, many  expats have chosen to relocate to the Middle East, not only for financial gain but also the prospect of working on much larger projects than they would be exposed to anywhere else.  The Middle East also offers a very different cultural experience, allowing many professionals and families to experience diversity while enhancing their professional careers.

Some of the benefits of working in the Middle East include:

  • Tax Free Salaries
  • Accommodation or accommodation allowances
  • Paid flights home (sometimes for both you and your family)
  • Paid holidays plus all the Arabic Holidays
  • Free medical coverage (sometimes for both you and your family)
  • Car or transport allowances
  • Some companies offer education allowances for schooling

Here are some useful websites to gain further insight into the cost of living in the Middle East.